Precautions when installing rails

DATE:2023-07-19 16:41:46



We are no stranger to railway, railway is one of the important means of transportation for our travel, tie, connector, track bed, turnout, etc., to provide convenience for our travel. Rail transit has now become a form of public transportation. It is usually placed in a large number of stations and marshalling stations. With a turnout, you can give full play to the ability to travel. Even on a monorail, trains can be separated by a construction switch, such as a fork longer than the length of the train. The standard gauge for the flatness of the track platen, flat left and right, front and rear height, line direction, bent elevation tracking, tracking and bottom slope of the weld tracking have been developed. In the straight line section of the main line, the standard gauge of China Railway is 1435mm, and the error is not more than +6 to -2mm. The horizontal difference between the left and right rail surfaces shall not be greater than 4 mm. The front, back, height, direction of the measurement line, the string length is 10 meters, and the allowable error is not more than 4 mm. Rail pressure plate railway switch is to ensure the safety of railway vehicles and equipment, many types, many numbers, difficult to count. One of the more common and numerous of these is a single fork, which allows a straight line to turn from a train running on that fork, even if the train enters that fork from a straight line on that fork or from that fork into that straight line. In addition to the single switch anger, there are double switch and three switch. The former connects a straight path with two symmetrical branches, while the latter can go straight or branch into two different branches.

The size of the ordinary single switch point is different from the center Angle, which can be divided into 6, 9, 12, 18 and so on. The more people and the smaller the Angle, the faster the train will pass through the switch. If according to the regulations of China Railway, the speed of one side of the train through the switch (that is, the train through the switch line, from the straight into the three-fork road or from the straight into the three-fork road) is: none. 9 switches 30 km/h 12 switches 45 km/h 18 switches 80 km/h. Since major railway lines in China can reach speeds of up to 160 km/h, it is necessary to slow down even when crossing a switch laterally. This is when our coach passed the station.

In order to improve the speed of the train passing through the switch, reduce the discomfort of passengers and prevent the displacement of goods, a large number of switches can be used. For example, China's railway generally uses 18 regular switches, and foreign high-speed railways use 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 33, 34 switches. If only for safety, it is also possible to limit the speed of the train through the switch. In recent years, the railway has promoted the use of tracks and center switches to eliminate the disadvantages of harmful space, and the train can pass the switch smoothly and safely. If the radius of the switch curve can be increased, the running speed can also be increased.

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